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Parking Lot Maintenance

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Parking Lot Maintenance


Asphalt Maintenance

Parking lots can last twice as long with the right maintenance. At Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance, we provide top-notch maintenance services, including parking lot sealcoating, striping, crack filling, and more. Our team of commercial paving contractors can design a custom maintenance plan for your property, helping you keep your asphalt in excellent condition year after year.

Pothole Repair

Potholes can expose your lot to more damage while creating eyesores and accident risks. Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance can fix potholes of all sizes and depths, smoothing out surfaces to make lots safe and attractive again.

We can also explain when pothole repair services may not be enough to restore the condition, safety, and/or appearance of a parking lot (in which case, we may recommend replacing damaged pavement and asphalt).

Cracker Sealer

Cracks can let chemicals, water, and other elements into the deeper layers of pavement. When that happens, parking lots and driveways can succumb to serious damage. At Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance, we can fill all sorts of larger cracks, stopping damage from snowballing into more extensive and expensive problems.

Parking Block Installation

Clearly call out parking spots and make your lot safer with parking block installation. Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance can provide flawless service for all of your commercial parking block installation needs, from new installation to replacements.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Routine sealcoating can stop hairline cracks from forming or causing more damage. Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance offers sealcoating for industrial and commercial parking lots and driveways, making it easy to keep paved areas resilient and looking good longer.

Parking Lot Striping

Clear markings in parking lots can keep traffic moving. It can also protect drivers and pedestrians in your lot. At Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance, we can handle all parking lot striping needs, ensuring full compliance with federal ADA regulations.

Bollard Installation

Mark out and protect fire hydrants, building entrances, and other notable features in parking lots with bollard installation from Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance. Along with identifying the best areas for bollards, we can complete the installation or replacement service efficiently.

Why Choose Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance?

Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance is a full-service pavement marking company and local paving contractor with a reputation for excellence and outstanding results. For more than a decade, we have been delivering first-class service and exceptional craftsmanship for all sorts of commercial paving projects throughout the Dubuque, IA area.

From industrial jobs to commercial projects and beyond, Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance has the experienced contractors, industry know-how, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to complete any paving job on time and within budget, providing beautiful products every time.

That’s why Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance is a top-rated paving company. It’s also why we have so many referrals and marvelous reviews. Don’t take our word for it, though—contact us today to discover the difference we can make on your next paving project!

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